Post Set


Post Set


Original ink wash drawing by Andrew Wroble

  • India ink on paper – unframed
  • This piece of art measures 27 1/2 x 5 1/2 inches
  • Receive 20% off of framing if you frame it with 45°.
  • Andrew lives in Harpers Ferry, IA.

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Artist’s Statement

B: 1952, Casper, Wyoming

    I am an artist and a story teller with only one story to tell right now. Luckily, with ink wash drawing, an infinite number of variations exist to keep this tale evolving.

Companion protagonists, trees and air, are plot fixtures in this “epic”. I imagine both with synchronized movement in a common universe. They are dynamic points of reference reflecting my personal thoughts. This thinking is translated to paper using black or colored India ink combined with volumes of water.

To achieve my work I splash, flood, brush, stream pigments over a page, and erase. This activity, in a small way, is comparable to wind passing over a landscape. Surface fibers in the paper, fixed in place like trees, bend and sway in a reaction to the flow of liquid. Sometimes this mimics a slight breeze and at other times a full scale storm erupts. Ultimately, when things settle, pigments bond to the surface and dry in a waterproof layer.  Line and marks become the vocabulary used to narrate a time, place and circumstance. Each drawing is a glimpse of the world at a vertical stop in the continuous story.

Andrew works out of his studio in northeast Iowa along the Upper Mississippi River valley. Drawing has been his primary artistic medium for over fifty years.  In 1972, while stationed with the US Army in Europe, Andrew had the opportunity to view original Rembrandt ink drawings. In their effortless and honest form it was the most incredible thing he had ever seen.  The influence has lasted Andrew his lifetime.