Original painting by John W. Lawson

  • Mixed media on canvas.
  • 10 x 10 x 1 5/8
  • Canvas edges are painted with some of the collage elements extending to the edges.
  • Ready to hang.
  • John lives in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

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My work is inspired by dreams, mine and those of others, by poems, mine and others and by stories I come across from various sources.

The ideas start out vague.  Images, shapes, colors gradually emerging.  Most start as an idea based on inspiration and start to become complete enough to start a piece.

I work from intuition.  A shape a pattern a color start to resonate, to connect at a psychic level and I begin.  A dance between feeling and knowledge.

My pieces seldom turn out as I envisioned them at the start and are as enigmatic to me as they may be to those that view them.

My manner of working has not really changed over the years but experience in life and the arts has filled in the creative gaps along the way.

In general, I like people to experience my work without too much explanation.  I want them to react to it, if possible, the way it was created.  A mystery not to be solved, just experienced.

My work contains some iconic imagery.  The house shape, equilateral cross, ravens, X shapes, medicine wheels and boats repeated in almost all of my pieces.  These mean one thing as identifiable shapes but something quite different at a subconscious level to me.  I need them there.  They are my mystery.  I believe the viewers of my work respond to them subconsciously, in their own way.

 Last night as I was sleeping, 

I dreamt—-marvelous error!—-

That I has a beehive

Here inside my heart, 

And the golden bees

Were making white combs

and sweet honey

from my old 


Antonio Machado