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Fine Silver Pods Earrings – 45 Degree Gallery
Fine Silver Pods Earrings


Fine Silver Pods Earrings


OOAK Jewelry by Evelina Stoyanova

  •  PMC .999 Silver Pods texture earrings.  
  • Enhanced with patina
  • Earrings dangle 1 1/2 inches from ear by 1/4 wide
  • Sterling silver earwires
  • Handmade in Colorado Springs

I made these earrings using a unique material – Silver Precious Metal Clay (PMC), which after firing at high temperatures produces metal objects of Fine Silver (99.9% pure silver) . I stamped the PMC with texture, fired it and then polished it to give it a natural shiny look.


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Evelina Stoyanova is the designer behind EvaLine Jewelry. Evelina is from Sofia, Bulgaria originally. She is a mom-preneur with a Master’s Degree in Physics and has been creative since childhood. Evelina began designing jewelry after a move to Colorado from Arizona left her looking for a new diversion. Today, she is an established jewelry designer, with work in several boutiques and galleries.

Evelina’s collections tend to reflect her Bulgarian background and an overall European aesthetic, which favors smaller-scale pieces that are feminine and classy. Evelina transforms metal, wire, crystal beads and gemstones into eye-catching bracelets, earrings and necklaces that transition easily from day to evening.

Evelina creates each jewelry piece in her signature technique, which involves the use of high-tech silver metal clay. The clay, once sculpted and textured, is fired in a kiln at high temperature to produce a piece of solid silver, which Evelina then embellishes and polishes to perfection.

EvaLine Jewelry originals have been selected by Hollywood wardrobe stylists for use on numerous television shows, including Bones, The Vampire Diaries, The Originals, Law and Order SVU, Cedar Cove and Chasing Life. Evelina has gifted her Initial Pendant Necklace to some of Hollywood’s most talked about Moms, including Jamie King, Kerry Washington, Kelly Clarkson and Scarlet Johanson.