Cyprus Signet Ring


Cyprus Signet Ring


OOAK Jewelry by Claire Sommers Buck

With her, beauty comes.
The winds flee before her and
the storm clouds; sweet
flowers embroider the earth;
the waves of the sea laugh;
she moves in radiant light.
Without her there is no joy
nor loveliness anywhere.

-Edith Hamilton, Mythology: Timeless Tales of Gods & Heroes

  • Oxidized brass & 14k gold-fill
  • Top of ring measures ~1/2″ diameter
  • Size 7
  • Designed & handmade in Austin, TX

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As a jewelry artist, I am intent on making pieces that are timeless in form, comfortable to wear and long lasting. Inspired by my love of the natural world as well as folk and ethnic craft designs, my work seeks to adorn in an authentic and genuine way. My creative process is often stirred by a simple idea or shape. What follows is the design and fabrication of the jewelry. Throughout this process, I use traditional jewelry fabrication and casting techniques to carefully create each piece from start to finish. The materials I use include brass, silver and gold, along with precious and semi-precious stones. Although I produce multiples within my jewelry line, each piece is slightly imperfect revealing their individuality and personal story. All of my work is proudly produced in my quaint studio in East Austin, TX.

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