Archaios Necklace – Small


Archaios Necklace – Small


OOAK Jewelry by Claire Sommers Buck

αρχαίος  (archaíos)  ancient, antiquated, antique

As namesake to the collection, the Archaíos Coin Necklace is our interpretation of an ancient Greek coin. The earliest known coins are currently dated to the last quarter of the 7th century BC and often boasted gods and figures from Greek mythology as well as local plants and flowers. Each coin was hand-crafted by local artisans, making these artifacts especially interesting and unique.

Ours is a simple version intended for everyday wear. And hey, you may even be able to buy something at the market with it, although we doubt you’ll want to…

  • Oxidized brass & sterling silver
  • Sterling silver chain
  • Small ~1/2″ diameter on a 16″ chain
  • If this item is out of stock, please allow 3 weeks for Claire to make this piece just for you!
  • Designed & handmade in Austin, TX by Claire Sommers Buck.

Available on backorder

Claire Sommers Buck | Owner/Designer

A native Texan, Claire’s affection for handmade goods began at an early age on the wood floors of her parents’ dusty ceramics studio. In 2009, Claire attended Penland School of Crafts where she immediately fell in love with the tools, techniques and functionality of the craft of metalsmithing. A curiosity of ancient world cultures and an enthusiasm for travel continue to impact her work and practice. Yet, as far across the globe Claire wanders, she is always drawn back home to the quiet and calm of the southwest.

Claire Sommers Buck Jewelry is an independently owned, handmade jewelry line based out of Austin, Texas. Fresh and honest, the collections evoke ancient aesthetics and the ornament of a global culture. A dedication to craft, quality, and integrity of design is ingrained in every facet of the brand. All gemstones and metals are nationally sourced and each collection is designed and handcrafted in a humble East Austin studio. CSB Jewelry is a small team dedicated to the belief that soulfully produced items can truly enrich our lives.

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