William Cummins

I was fortunate to find my calling in life at the tender age of seven and one-half years. Before that, I was just another playboy. At that time, it so happened that there was a magazine advertisement a line drawing of an old man’s face full of wrinkles. The imagine struck me so powerfully that I was impelled to copy it. Having done so, I was hooked on art for life, especially drawing. Now after seven and one-half decades of many wondrous art adventures, I am the old man with the face full of wrinkles that I saw so long ago . . .and I like it.

William Cummins’ Biography:

Born 1929, Santa Monica, California. Grew up in New York City where he became interested in cartooning. Attended the High School of Industrial Art, graduating at the head of his class. Military service, 1948 to 1952. Began a career in commercial art as an apprentice in an advertising art studio. Worked in production, design, art direction and illustration over a forty year period. During this time, did fine art evenings, weekends, etc., but exhibitions rarely. Retired in 1991 and moved to Colorado to work full time at fine art. William passed away 2 weeks after the retrospective of his artwork was being shown in 2014. His wife, Linda continues to promote his art.