Steve Becker

Colorado Springs, CO

(b. 1957, New York)

Steve Becker is a skilled potter who passionately explores two distinct ceramic art forms: cone 6 stoneware and raku. His artistic journey began in 2007 at the Bemis School in the Colorado Springs Fine Arts Center, where he discovered the joy of shaping clay on the potter’s wheel. Guided by a love for nature’s beauty, Steve creates harmonious pieces characterized by flowing curves, vibrant color combinations, and captivating textures.

Inspired by the asymmetry and textures found in trees, fruits, nuts, and squash, Steve infuses a touch of whimsy into his work. His creations reflect the equilibrium of everyday objects, bringing an aesthetic that harmonizes with the natural world. By borrowing from the ordinary, he strives to evoke visual allure that transcends conventional expectations, inviting viewers to forge new personal connections.

Steve’s collection showcases a diverse array of functional ceramics, including bowls, pitchers, vases, mugs, and canisters. These pieces feature earthy tones that flow gracefully, punctuated by unexpected highlights and textures. Through this exploration, he unveils the inseparable relationship between our senses, heightening the sensorial experience.

Residing and working in Colorado for over 30 years, Steve Becker is an esteemed member of the Studio Nadeau Wheelhouse, where his artistic endeavors continue  to flourish.