Stephanie Moon

Stephanie Moon has always lived a life closely inspired by nature.  Born and raised in a small town in Michigan, summers were spent visiting the lakeshore and her grandma’s cottage in the woods.  Painting was always a favorite medium growing up, although Stephanie enjoyed any opportunity to create artwork.

Stephanie fostered her love of natural beauty through the arts, starting with classes at Kendall College of Art and Design, and eventually landing at Western Michigan University to major in Painting.  Although different in subject matter, her early painting work always revolved around the use of bright colors and bold lines.  “Realistic representation does not interest me as much as seeing the world through the lens of an artist.  I like to create a new version of what I see, something bold and lively that will inspire viewers to get outside and engage with nature.”

Eventually, the beauty of Colorado called, and Stephanie moved to Colorado Springs in 2009, where she currently resides.  A loyal west side resident, Stephanie loves spending time hiking and exploring the mountains when she is not teaching.  “Each hike is an opportunity to find something wild and beautiful that I can bring back to my studio.  When I come back and paint, it is a moment to recreate time in nature, but I am the one who decides what will be around the next curve in the trail.”