Patrick Kochanasz

Colorado Springs, CO

(b. 1986, Pennsylvania)

The mountains are full of unexpected delights. Slivers of light across wide stone faces. Deep moss clinging to the edges of cold, winding waters. Wildflowers, both delicate and resilient, thriving above lonely treelines. Songbirds echoing among towering pines and fragrant junipers.

It’s hard to encapsulate just how inspiring these terrains are. I’ve delighted in exploring these mountains for much of the last decade. My paintings are the result of some attempt to capture my relentless, wandering observations; they are the embodiment of a constant interest and profound fascination in the impressions nature leaves me with- ornaments of that remarkable topography both vast and diminutive.

These paintings are deeply inspired by the mountain West, though often not tethered to an exact set of coordinates or geologic formation. They serve as vibrant, sometimes whimsical, approximations of the mountains- their resonant space and capricious nature.

Patrick Kochanasz studied at the Baum School of Art in Allentown, PA. After moving to Colorado in 2011, he began creating works of art that are imaginative renderings of the American West. 

He brings a wide variety of influences to his work, perhaps none more so than the traditional Japanese woodblock art form, Ukiyo-e. His soft pastel works combine real and imaginary elements- meticulously crafted without blending tools and uniquely edge-treated. Every work has a character and spirit of its own, much like nature itself.

His painting have been collected throughout the United States and internationally.