Patrice Biggi

Pueblo, CO

(b. Pueblo, 1953)

Hi, my name is Patrice Biggi. I was born in Pueblo, Colorado, the daughter of a Tuscan father and a Sicilian mother.  My grandparents came to America from Italy and settled in Pueblo near Colorado Fuel and Iron steel mill, where both sets of grandparents and my father worked.

I attribute my creative abilities to both of my parents. I recall my father drawing cartoon characters on Sundays at the kitchen table. My mother was a creative influence for me as well, where she expressed herself through her beautiful clothing designs.

I am a multi-media artist and my muse has been with me since my kindergarten teacher put a brush in my hand. I find inspiration in the extraordinary beauty of nature and the simple things in life. Most of my art comes from my imagination, but I also like creating abstract pieces and realism as well. I tend to see the world as a child would, with wonder and awe. My hope is to capture simplicity and detail in all of my pieces. I also create hand painted and handmade art cards which are original and no two are alike.

I studied art at Rocky Mountain College of Art and Design where I received an associate’s degree in Illustration and Design. My mediums include watercolor, acrylics, oils, pastels, oil pastels, cut and torn paper design, mixed media, and sculpture. I have a very diverse background in many styles and mediums.

My work has been featured in many shops throughout Colorado and New Mexico. I  was featured on AARP’s annual art calendar in 2010 for the month of November. I received an academic achievement award for overall excellence in color, composition, and design in the arts at Rocky Mountain College of Arts and Design, as well as an award of excellence from the Art Director’s Club of Denver for an Aids poster called “Risky Business” that I created, where I took first place and judges choice award for the poster.