Nard Claar

I am inspired by wild nature with its mix of light, color, and shapes. I respond to the inter-dependency and interconnections of the world. My world is both external that is shared with others, and internal that explores the self. I explore time, perception, place, and presence in the moment. I am inspired and so I must act and create. The process is easier at a slower pace moving by self propulsion on foot and bike. It allows a person to breath and see in detail rather than a blur. Taking time to breath and feel is an important human interaction.

I pick my tools and simplify shapes to their elemental core to connect the viewer emotionally with the web of life. I am not working for a literal rendition but a sense of time and place. My best work is when the intellect is silent and the flow, the discussion is smooth and runs it own course. Much like a river it takes the twig or the log along for a ride to where it is lodged. A painting like that is a pleasure to be a part of as a journey to a beautiful location. The journey is at least as important as the destination and what gives the destination it’s value.