Lorraine Danzo

What is Lorraine Danzo’s work about? It’s about fun and color and excitement. It’s about bears and cats and aspen and bold abstractions. It’s about emotion and connection and reinvention. It’s a celebration  of life.
Lorraine was born and raised in New York City. She came from an artistic family loved to draw  and paint as a child. Her brother , Dennis Leri,is a well known artist too . He is asculptor in East  Hampton, New York. Her college art degrees are from Pratt institute and Brooklyn collage. Her paintings have shown at east coast galleries and the Brooklyn museum, Snug Harbor and the American watercolor Society in New York.
She taught at Kane and Montclair colleges in New Jersey. Her work is in corporate collections at AT&T, Colgate, Nabisco.
When Lorraine moved to Colorado Springs she taught and showed at the Colorado Springs Fine Art Center and the Colorado History Museum in Denver. Leaving the gray skies and muted colors of a big urban environment, Lorraine embraced the strong light and bold colors of her new home. Combined with her love of animals ,her colorful, whimsical animal paintings evolved. Color flooded into her aspen and mountain paintings too. But Lorraine’s training at Pratt in abstract painting remains a powerful element in her collections. Her paintings can be found in Florida, New Jersey ,North Carolina, Arizona and even New Zealand. She recently installed a 15 foot abstraction at 20/20 Institute in Denver.