Kris Chavez

Eureka, CA

(b. 1980, California)

Working primarily in oil paint, my illustrations are often humorous and depict impossible things. Above all, I am passionate about telling short stories with my art. For example, a monster waiting under a bed for an unsuspecting ankle to come by would get bored in the in-between times. It might want a pack a cards to break in the monotony. For those reasons, I describe by art as Narrative Surrealism. My artworks also feature people and creatures performing activities outside of what would normally be expected; Juxtaposition is a common theme in my art.

My aim as an artist is to find small things that people have in common and present it in a playful way. Some might have a book fetish, or think they have bad luck-Others may believe they play a musical instrument extremely well, despite what everyone around them says. I create art for those who can laugh at themselves and the word around them.