Frank Gray

Woodland Park, CO

(b. 1952, Colorado)

Born and raised in Denver, Frank touched his first clay at East Denver High School in 1969 and has been making pots ever since. He earned a BA in Ceramic Art from James and Nan McKinnell at Loretto Heights College in Denver and apprenticed under David Blakeslee in Lafayette, Colorado. In 1979 Frank and his father in law built a workshop and kiln in Brighton Colorado where he worked for a decade before buying the Two Potters workshop and gallery in Littleton.

Frank and his wife Sue operated that business for 15 years, producing a full range of both stoneware and decorative raku. In 2001 the couple bought the Woodland Inn B&B in Woodland Park, Co. which included a pottery showroom. This business closed in early 2020 after twenty great years and Frank is now making useful stoneware as a part time obsession.

Frank seeks to balance his own creative impulses with solid functionality and an awareness that color is a very important part of most peoples homes and lives.