Faceted Industries

We are prospectors, custom stone cutters and jewelers who live and work in the beautiful mountains of Colorado. We hope you enjoy our unique, hand-made jewelry and faceted gemstones.

Our love of the outdoors and passion for gemstones has motivated us to hike farther and dig harder to obtain the elusive and desirable stones we love to find in Colorado and surrounding states. We hold a number of mining claims, including a couple on Mount White, adjacent to Mount Antero in Chaffee County, CO. At 13,000-14,400 feet of elevation, it is the highest gem producing occurrence in the United States and is home to world renown, top quality Aquamarine. Perhaps our first love, however, is topaz, specifically blue, which we collect from a couple of our claims in Park County, Colorado.  Natural Blue topaz is special, in that nearly all blue topaz worldwide has been irradiated to achieve the color…not so with topaz from Colorado.

After years of collecting and selling specimens at gem shows and other venues we found ourselves left with a great deal of material too small to facet, cab or sell as a specimen. We wanted to find a way to use, and for people to appreciate, these smaller gemstones.  A little research lead us to the solution of electroforming these pieces to create eye catching rough gemstone pendants, earrings and rings. In 2012, we started our business Faceted Industries.  With jewelry, mineral specimens and custom faceted gemstones, we have built a business out of what we love that is designed to share these unique treasures with others, and it all started with a hike in the mountains.