Claire Sommers Buck

As a native Texan and daughter of ceramic artists, I learned at an early age the beauty of working with my hands and expressing myself creatively. During my childhood, I was enamored with the world right outside my window. My mother’s thriving garden was my playground and sanctuary. As I began to witness the world outside my nest, I was introduced to to an array of bright colors, smells and sounds of other cultures. During family travels to Mexico, I was overcome by the unique and diverse assortment of handmade crafts. These were crafts I recognized to be rare and disappearing. That is when I began collecting beads and creating my own little works of art.

After earning a degree in INTERNATIONAL STUDIES, I had the opportunity to expand my travels to South America, a continent full of cultures that continue to trigger my daydreams and inspire my craft. Upon my return, I approached jewelry making with a new fervor. I studied metal-smithing at PENLAND SCHOOL OF CRAFTS, an institution that ignited a fire within me for not only metal-smithing but jewelry design and the study of ancient craft. By seeking as much knowledge and experience in the field as possible, I am steadily evolving as an artist. This is an endless path of possibilities that I am passionate and excited to travel on.

When I sit down to create, I enter into another world without boundaries. My creative process is often stirred by a simple idea or shape. What follows is the design and fabrication of the jewelry. Throughout this process, I pour hours of hard work and love into each piece from start to finish. Although I do produce multiples in my collections, each piece is made slightly different. This makes each piece unique in its own special way.

I absolutely love what I do and hope that you, too, can find a personal connection with my jewelry. I see jewelry as a tool to help bring out your inner glow. I hope those pieces that speak to you the most will empower and inspire you.