Amelia Furman

Life is about layers creating a whole and my work exudes this same idea.

I have been enamored with creating, problem solving, and the artistic manipulation of materials since childhood.  My mother can attest to my intense focus as I would take my everyday surroundings and attempt to turn them into the world I saw so vividly in my mind.

As my artistic vision developed, I felt compelled to deepen my understanding of the multi-layered relationships between places, people, feelings, and objects.  Since I function on physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual levels, I feel my artwork should do the same. I strive to understand things in a very holistic fashion, looking at all levels of thought, feeling, and existence.

I work primarily in paper collage pieced together bit by bit into an engaging “back story” for the foreground image that is created in thin layers of oil paint.  My collage materials are often found materials from my journeys, items from my personal library of vintage books/magazines and newspapers, or items that I find online that are safe for public use.

Although I grew up in rural Pennsylvania, I have now called Northern Colorado “home” for the last 8 years.  I received my Bachelors Degree in Fine Art at Indiana Wesleyan University with a focus in painting, printmaking and illustration.  As a mid-career artist, I have work in private and corporate collections all around the country. My studio time is often divided between commissioned works, corporate projects, public art/non-profit work and, of course, painting for exhibition in festivals, galleries,etc.  My husband, two young sons (5 and 8) and I reside in Loveland, CO.